Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Spartan is at the forefront of plumbing technology with the smallest and most powerful trenchless pipe replacement system available. Built tough and smart like all Spartan machines, our UnderTakerTM lets you replace 4″ and 6″ pipes with minimal disturbance to trees, landscaping, streets and sidewalks. With Spartan’s optional water line slitter, old water pipes can be quickly replaced with new copper piping, without ever needing a trench.

Plumbing Repairs: Drain Cleaning:
Leaky pipes Main sewer lines
Water lines repairs or replace Kitchen sink
Faucet repairs Bathroom, lavatory, and tub drain
Water heater repairs (tank & tankless) Floor drains
Sewers repairs or replace Video Sewer inspection
Gas line repair or replace Line locating
Slab leaks

We do a variety of work in the commercial business. We also do new construction, remodels, and service repair work.

Water Heaters & Boilers

Lanier Plumbing, Inc is experienced in all styles and sizes of commercial water heaters and hot water boilers. We have well trained technicians to service all of your hot water needs.

Repair & Service

Technicians with factory training will diagnose and service your hot water requirements.


In the event of catastrophic failure our service team can replace your existing hot water equipment. We can also design a new possibly more efficient or economic system.

Backflow Device Testing & Installation

Water supply protection has become a major concern in our country. Lanier Plumbing provides certified and licensed technicians to specialize in your water safety needs.

Annual Certifications

More and more water utilities are requiring annual testing of cross connection protection devices. Lanier Plumbing has certified testers available and can set you up on an annual schedule.

Backflow & RPZ Valve Installation

With the variety of devices required and available Lanier Plumbing has expert technicians to install the right device that will fulfill your water supply safety needs.

Backflow & RPZ Repair

Unfortunately these devices are mechanical and therefore subject to failure, so good maintenance and experienced repair can be found at Lanier Plumbing, Inc.

Faucets & Fixtures

Commercial faucets and fixtures are built for durability in use. Lanier Plumbing feels that a certain expertise is needed to make sure the manufacturers’ dependability standards are met. We want you to have piece of mind that your fixture will operate when you use them.

Repair / Rebuild

Lanier Plumbing will always repair and rebuild your faucets and fixtures with Quality Parts and make sure they operate as the manufacturer intended.


Sometimes replacement of faucets and fixtures is needed. Lanier Plumbing will use its expertise to insure a quality installation.

New Installations

Have a spot you want to install a new fixture? Lanier Plumbing can design plumbing and install your new fixture.

Sump Pumps

Removal of ground water and sewage from lower elevations can cause severe damage if the pumps are not operational. Lanier Plumbing has the equipment to service and install sump pump systems to keep you operational and dry.

Lift Stations

In design and construction the city sewers may not always be accessible by gravity flow. For those situations a sewage lift station is required. Lanier Plumbing can maintain and service these systems with experienced trained technicians and keep you flowing.

24 hour emergency service (337) 436-3502.